Our goal in building EEON is to bring advanced research tools to everyday investors. We think we accomplished that, and a whole lot more.

Real-time price alerts

EEON Alerts

We monitor price changes on 8000+ securities every minute to make sure you don't miss your golden opportunity.

Stay up to date

EEON Upcoming Events

We scan the market for upcoming earnings, dividend declarations, and stock splits so you're always in the know.

3+ Years of Financials

EEON Financials

Customize historical Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Cash Flow charts the way you want to see them.

Market Health

EEON Market Health

Use back-tested signals to identify the health of 24 market sectors, indices, and factors in less than 3 seconds.

The Latest News


Stay current on what's #trending with the latest overall market news and drill into company-specific stories.

Get Jiggy with It

EEON Social

Get new ideas and inspiration from the trending watchlists and our top user's profiles.

Real-time Quotes

EEON Real-time Quotes

We're doing real-time on your time. Get up-to-the-minute quotes totally for free, forever.

Stock Rating Algorithm

EEON Scores

We back-tested our own rating system against 4400+ securities across growth, momentum, profitability, value, and safety.

Watchlists + Screeners

EEON Screeners

Create custom watchlists or filter a specific sector to meet your criteria.

Top 5 dividend yield utility companies?

No problem.


Want to keep up with the markets?

We publish a daily blog about what's going on in the markets in terms anyone can understand.

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