The Growth Score

The companies with the fastest revenue growth.

Inputs to our calculation

Growth companies generate substantial and sustainable revenues that don't just grow, but grow faster and faster over time. They typically have some sort of competitive advantage (a new product, breakthrough patent, or overseas expansion), or a high barrier-to-entry that allows them to fend off competitors.

Growth companies usually pay no or smaller dividends, instead choosing to reinvest retained earnings into fueling their continued growth.

You'll normally find growth companies in the Technology sector (think Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc.). These companies are normally considered relatively expensive (high price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios), and trade at high valuation multiples.


The companies with the fastest revenue growth.


Companies with upward short-term momentum that could produce short-term gains.


Companies we deem as scalable – derived from private equity formulas.


Comparatively cheap companies where you can get the most "bang for your buck".


Companies with rock solid profitability, integral in future performance.


Companies directly correlated with the market, these generally provide low-risk.

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